Make ONE MOM HAPPY Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Today on RE, one blessed woman is going to win this fun package, perfect for Mother’s Day:

A signed copy of my book, The Reluctant Entertainer, a Hip Hostess Pink Lemonade Demi Apron, Simple Mom’s book, Organized Simplicity, and Lavendar Spa Booties by Planet Gift Basket.

1. Hospitality is probably the most tangible and practical expression of love that exists today. Anyone can do it, although many people today need help doing it. This is where my book comes in to help others.

2. The Hip Hostess has graced my kitchen and many of my friends’ kitchens with incredibly beautiful aprons. Today we want to grace YOU with a “Pink Lemonade” demi-style apron. (Look at this brand new bright and cheery, springy fabric!)

3. My friend, Simple Mom (Tsh), is moving to Oregon and she’ll only be 2.75 hours away (don’t you love the .75?) from me, and I couldn’t be happier. Her book is a “must have” for women who love organizational inspiration. (I’m raising my hand here!) The Mother’s Day basket will include Organized Simplicity, by Tsh Oxenreider.

4. Lastly, Baby Gift Baskets, Co., and Planet Gift Baskets, who specializes in sympathy gifts, are both partners of RE (thank you, thank you, ladies). Part of their donation to Make ONE MOM HAPPY is Lavendar Spa Booties – perfect for soothing overworked and stressed feet. (Now I’m raising TWO hands!) You add a little healing lotion to your feet and then slip them on … ahhh!

If you could choose one thing that would make you happy on Mother’s Day, what would it be?

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One winner will be chosen to win the above items, which will be mailed to your house individually, and announced on Thursday, May 5th. Contest is closed Wednesday, May 4th, at midnight. (There is no guarantee that you will receive these items by Mother’s Day).

Have fun, Ladies!

(Hand in the air … pick me! pick me!)

Winners to my last giveaway are Becky (no blog) and Elen Grey. Congrats, Ladies!

339 comments on “Make ONE MOM HAPPY Mother’s Day Giveaway!”

  1. One thing that would make me happy would be if the day would be filled with hope and laughter and good fellowship with others, with no anger present.

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  4. One thing that would make me happy is to actually be with my mom on mother’s day. I am a missionary in Botswana so I don’t get to see my mom that often. I would love to give her a giant mother’s day hug! :)

  5. My wish for Mother’s day would be: surrounded by all my children and that my mother would attend strong enough to walk in by herself and carry on a conversation.

  6. A day of rest and relaxation with family. No gifts, just the gift of their presence.

  7. To have both of my children, and their spouses and three “grandgirls” here for Sunday dinner.

  8. I would like to be w/ my Mother on Mother’s day. Her mother passed away in Feb and she is having a difficult time moving on. It would make me very happy to see a smile on her face.

  9. I would love to be with my mom and also have all my children with me at the same time. Then there would be 2 happy moms.

  10. What a beautiful gift – combo.

    I would love to enter this giveaway. Thanks.

    By the way… a little different for Mother’s Day, for me – this year – is a greatly anticipated date with my hubby to a Phillies Game (late game), while my mom comes to watch the littles and settle them to bed.

  11. This is my first mother’s day as a mama, and my husband is deploying shortly afterward. All I need to make me happy this year is time with my sweet daughter and her Papa… but he’s insisting on spoiling me with presents anyway. :)

  12. I would like to sepnd the day with my husband and two daughters enjoying the outdoors. Maybe a bike ride thru the state park and a picnic!

  13. I would love to spend the day with the special moms in my life – my own mother, my grandmother, my sister-in-law who is a great mom to my nieces, my mother-in-law who raised a wonderful man (if I do say so myself!). We are in ministry and live far away from family so this is just a dream, but a wonderful dream to think about! :)

  14. I’d love to just get to sleep in, have all my meals prepared for me, laundry done and house cleaned. Is that too much to ask? :)

  15. I want to be with my family, and I will be. My mom is coming to my house on Mother’s Day so I will be with her and with my five kids. My sister will also be there. We’ll just hang out and eat. ;)

  16. The one thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day is just being surrounded by my family and enjoying time together. =)
    kathy k.

  17. Having my both my children and my new granddaughter here together for an entire weekend is the one thing that will make this a wonderful Mother’s Day for me. Feel very blessed to be with my daughter on her 1st Mother’s Day. Wishing all a wonderfully happy Mother’s Day.

  18. I would love to be able to hold my baby that is in heaven in my arms. Since I can’t I will hold my other 3 children closely.

  19. What a fun giveaway! Rather than a gift, I really just love enjoying the day with my husband and 3 kids. We usually go out of town and do something fun – either a zoo, hiking, or visiting a city.

    On another note, though I don’t always comment, your posts have been a huge encouragement to me. I had my whole family to our home for Easter this year and I really enjoyed it! It really wasn’t that hard!

  20. I would love to have both my boys home for the day! They have both blessed me tremendously with their lives!

  21. I just subscribed :) I love this site and I’ve been reading it daily for a while now. If I could choose one thing to make me happy on Mother’s Day, it would be to be able to sleep in for a couple extra hours while my husband watches the children :) I have two little ones, (two years old and one year old) and I am 5 months pregnant with number three. I’ve been getting up with our youngest every night since he was born and letting my husband sleep, but lately, I’ve been more and more exhausted, so just a couple of extra hours of sleep would be the perfect, most wonderful gift!!

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!!

  22. I would love to see all three of my adult children on Mother’s Day. Probably won’t happen, but they are good about calling on that day. Thanks.

  23. I ‘d love to spend the day with my children and my mom, who lives in Oregon, across the country from me.
    Thank you!

  24. I would love to spend Mother’s Day with my sisters. This is our 7th Mother’s Day without our dear mom. When she passed away, it has changed Mother’s Day in so many ways. My sister’s mother in law passed away last Mother’s Day, so I know the day will be double hard on her.

    Since I won’t be able to be with my sisters, I want to spend the whole day with my five kids. I feel so blessed to be a Mother to them!!!!!

    Lynn G.

  25. The one thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day…oh goodness, just typing it is making me cry…is to see my son! I haven’t seen him yet since he returned from Afghanistan, as he has been straight back to work and unable to get home yet. Wow, that would totally MAKE MY DAY!

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  28. I would probably like a peaceful fun filled day. One where I get to choose everything we do without complaint from anyone. LOL! Wish me luck!
    Oh and I would love for my Mom to be here from Maine so I could hug her in person!

  29. would love to win this items. Anything to learn from or help learn to organize and I just love that apron.

  30. You know having a clean house or getting a good night’s sleep would make me happy, but I think I would be happiest if my grandy was lucid and recognized me and I could get some pictures of the family. She had a stroke right after thanksgiving and has pretty severe dementia now.

  31. Homemade cards from my kids. As they get older the sweet love notes become fewer but I told them that’s all I want from them every year! Wishing all of you a happy Mother’s Day!

  32. If I could have just 1 thing to make me happy would be a new pair of slippers. :) Mine are falling apart!! AHHHH!! But, even more important would be just spending a nice relaxing day with my family.

    I heard you this morning on Family Life Today. You’ve inspired me to start entertaining in my home and having people over on a regular basis. Now, just to get my husband on board! :)

  33. One thing that would/will make my Mother’s Day is serving the others mothers in our church by keeping the children during service this Sunday. Thanks so much for the chance!

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  38. I would love and enjoy having all three children and their fiance’s and girlfriend get together for a delicious brunch that they have chosen together. I would like lots of laughter and stories for a whole afternoon.

  39. The one thing that would make me happiest this Mother’s Day (or any day in the near future) would be a job offer for my husband.

  40. The one thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day is to see a smile on the mothers in my life. They are all amazing women and deserve to be celebrated!

  41. Since I am not yet a mother, my husband and I visit the mothers in my life. We have a great time visiting with my mom and 2 grandmothers:)

  42. I would love a mother’s day where the children would offer voluntarily to cook and clean up afterwards.

  43. This Mother’s Day I would love to just spend arelaxing day at home. I always miss spending the day with my mom who passed away almost 8 years ago. It would be special also if my mother in law were here but she can’t be this year.

  44. One thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day would be to have four generations of women in my family at my home, plus my wonderful mother-in-law. I love my family and I love to prepare a feast for them to enjoy!

  45. I absolutely love your website. I find so many things to do with my children as well as with the after school children that I take care of. Thank you for your hard work. You are a blessings.

  46. All I want (and what I’ve asked for) is that my family spends the day together building a raised garden bed and planting a new vegetable garden. Now it looks like it’s going to rain, but I’m going to hope that we get a window of time to do it.

  47. I’d love a quiet and calm day spent with my family. Quiet and calm…I can dream, right?

  48. Finding out that I am pregnant is my greatest wish; my husband and I have been trying for so long and nothing would make me happier than finding out that I am going to be a mother.

  49. Shiny, happy people holding hands… (ie. happy kids!)

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  51. The thing that would make me most happy on Mother’s Day is just to spend some fun time with my husband and two boys. They are the lights in my life!

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  55. I love your website & all the inspiration you share with us. I am a happy girl & have the best son in the world…I would love to spend the weekend with him just being. With him I could do anything & be totally happy.

  56. I’d love a full nights sleep since I have a 6 week old baby right now….not exactly possible :) I’d also love to go shopping all by myself, get a massage & pedicure. All followed up by dinner and playing outside w/ my hubby & kids. Sounds wonderful!! Hope I win!!

  57. I would love a relaxing day w/ no responsibilities and no fighting from the kids.

  58. I would love to sleep in, not have to cook ANY meals, or pick out any clothes for ANYONE… and then just be with my family all day and relax. Oh… and not changing any diapers would be great too, just for one day.

  59. A couple of cute handmade cards from my daughters and a nice quiet afternoon would suit me just fine. :)

  60. One thing that would make me happy this Mother’s Day. . .a special visit from the dish fairy who would do dishes all day. . .now wouldn’t that be nice? I’d also be happy with a delicious lunch surrounded by our family and my mom;-)

  61. I just heard about this site on family life today and subscribed. Looking forward to great ideas to get me started. A day at the beach with my family would be a great way to spend Mother’s Day.

  62. A day of rest. After moving the previous month and a big graduation party the previous day, all I want is a little rest.

  63. I’d love a little time in the afternoon to myself… a trip to Target, a drink from Starbucks, etc. Coming home to a clean house would be a bonus. Coming to a clean house and clean children would be a double bonus. Coming home to a clean house, clean children and dinner ready might give me a heart attack! Ha ha!

  64. It would make me happy to have a day with just my husband, children and I – and a chance to celebrate my mother and MIL on a different day, to avoid the rushing around.

  65. What a lovely giveaway. (it’s enough to provide gifts for every mother on our list!) :)

    If I could choose one thing to make me happy on Mother’s Day, it would be to have my mom back. Anything else within reach of our world, my hubby would gladly grant for just one day.

  66. would love all 3 meals to be homemade–but not by nor cleaned up by me. I would love to be surrounded by family without any meltdowns by anyone. pure bliss….. :)

  67. I tweeted this post. :)

  68. I will be happy on Mother’s Day, because I get to spend it with my mom and grandma. They are both wonderful mothers who deserve to be celebrated. :)

    • I’m also now following you on facebook and blogger for extra chances to win! YAY! :)

  69. One thing that would make me happy this Mothers Day… Just to spend time with my Husband and kids. I am so thankful that God blessed me. I have a great Mom who is one of my best friends and also am the Mother of 4 Children.

  70. Mmm… What really would make happy on mother’s day would be to have the day for myself and my family in a quiet seaside location. A picnic on the beach, for instance, or in a quiet forest, and all the time to watch the kids play in the sand or among the trees and to read a good book or the paper by Mr. Grapefruit. That and a good rub on my feet and soaking on a hot tub for a couple of hours, but that is a lot more selfish :^)

    I am posting about this in my Twitter right now. Thanks a lot for the beautiful (and pampering) giveaway!

    All the best from sunny Barcelona (a bit cloudy today, though).

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  74. It would make me happy to finally celebrate a mother’s day! I thought this would be my first, but our adoption is taking forever :-(

    (Am I still eligible?)

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  80. That’s easy. For Mommy’s Day I want a clean house and no fighting among the children.

  81. I fb’d this post, too.

    Best wishes to you Sandy.

  82. I have put you on my FB Page!

    Melanie Ann Caughill Deland

  83. What a stellar gift for Mother’s Day! Would love to have all my guys home that day if I could.
    xo Cathy

  84. If I could do one thing on mothers day that would make me happy it would be to fly back home to surprise my mom for mother’s day. Living thousands of miles away makes holidays like these a little tough.

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  86. Love these, great gifts, great giveaway!

  87. Just ‘Liked” you on Facebook – I’m hopeful for the giveaway!!!

  88. I’d love to be able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. It’s my first one away from her and I’m definitely going to be missing her a lot!

  89. I would choose your book (which I read through my library – they bought it at my request – yah! i would actually choose your book while wearing the darling apron!!!

  90. I would like the clean house fairy to come live at my house…oh and the laundry fairy…and the meal planning & shopping fairy…and possibly the cater to my every whim fairy! Okay then…I will settle for the foot rub fairy…you act as if I’m greedy or something! 8o)

  91. I would love a massage first thing in the morning and then followed by a day with family at the beach. Catch the sunset and then a nice dinner that I didn’t have to cook OR do the dishes. :)

  92. My wish would be to have my mother back in her right mind & body. Dementia has slowly changed her over the past 7 1/2 years that I have taken care of her in my home. The days are long, but I know some day, she will be made whole again in Heaven.

  93. I would like on this Mother’s Day, in honor of my grandmother, to see the rift between her daughters repaired and new life-long loving relationships and friendships built between these three sisters.

  94. The one thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day is to just have a peaceful day… I don’t want to have to plan it or conduct it, I just want to enjoy it…

  95. I posted the give-away on my FB page.

  96. My mother has Alzheimers…. I would love just one more phone call from her, wanting to check and see how I was doing and what my kids were up to.

  97. Sandy, I’m participating in a blogathon along with 180 bloggers where I blog every day for the month of May. So I have your giveaway set to go at my blog tomorrow morning. When it’s live, I’ll leave one more comment so I get my 2 entries. :)

    Thanks to all you for your generosity.

  98. I would like lots of hugs and kisses and to have a picnic lunch with my kids.
    I retweeted and followed re on fb.

  99. Always happy to share about you…FB is no exception, posted about your giveaway today.

  100. My happiest moments are the ones spent with family! And Mother’s day would be even more special if I could share it with my Mom (in the same town).

  101. One thing that would make happy on Mothers Day is if I could entertain all the Moms at church that are sick and just need some laughter in their life. We like to have fun.

  102. No guilt! I always feel like I can’t do enough for my mom and I can see that my family feels the same about me! So my mama’s day wish is for love, contentment and joy!


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  104. A super special Mother’s Day would be filled with spontaneous hugs from my husband and boys.

    I posted this on FB too! Thanks for a wonderful blog (found you because of Moody radio today).

  105. Hugs and kisses from my favourite little people would be wonderful (and, who’s kidding who… so would some quiet time just for me without having to lock myself in the bathroom… *ha!*)

  106. One thing that would make me happy on Mothers Day is to have my mother-in-law be able to enjoy her day, visiting with family, eating good food and relaxing. She deserves it!

  107. To have no chores or errands, but just sit out on a blanket with baby & preschooler & spouse and laze the day away together.

  108. I would love to have a picnic outside and enjoy every minute with my family. Too often, I am so wrapped up in what I need to do and accomplish that I miss those moments with my family, even though I am right there with them.

  109. i shared this great give away on facebook.

  110. I would love a nice long, uninterrupted nap!

  111. I wish for one simple, quiet day spent with my children and husband. No internet, phone, or TV. A beautiful meal made from scotch that turns out perfectly and tastes amazing.
    My babies are 17 and 15. I treasure our fewer and fewer hours together!
    Happy Mom’s Day.

  112. One thing that would make me happy is to be with my Mom this Mother’s Day. We live far away from family and it’s holidays like these that make me wish we could all celebrate together!

  113. I would love time with my family…and a pedicure!!! :D

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  117. I am 6 months pregnant and we have a two and half year old and 14 month old so what I would enjoy most is a day spent relaxing with my husband. No gifts just quality time. :)

  118. On Mother’s Day I would love to spend some time with my mom and sister… but skype is the next best thing. I will have plenty of kiddo love and kisses and that will be amazing. :>)

    I tweeted this giveaway (@lizstetler) and posted it on my blog as well.


  119. I would love to spend a relaxing day with all of my kids and have a family picture taken. Also to worship together, for the first time with our new Church Plant-Alive Ministries!

  120. I would like a day without cleaning : ) going out to breakfast would be nice also

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  122. A day of sleeping and/or shopping without the kids. We have 3 pre-schoolers so we are both very tired!

  123. I will be celebrating my sister’s college graduation AND mother’s day for my incredible mom. Would love to surprise her with these gifts!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  124. My Mother’s Day wish — to spend the day with my Mom and my girls. Bliss and perfection! Thank you for such a lovely give-a-way!

  125. For mothers day I would just love a day free from my dauaghters 5 year old meltdowns and demands….however I will take a nice family brunch and day of hugs and kisses from my kids (with meltdowns included)

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  127. I am now a new subscriber as well as FB follower and posted this on FB-I’m excited to be able to share this blog–thank you!

  128. My desire for a very special Mother’s Day is for both of my adult children to simply call me from across the miles that separate us – just to hear each of their voices wishing me a happy day and acknowledging the place that God has given me in their lives. Their are both so very special and unique in their own way and I thank God that he has given me a piece of their lives – they are truly His and I have been given them to take care of for a short time.

  129. As a child, my dad would take us four kids into the mountains and pick wildflowers for our mom and grandmothers. It was always fun and our gifts were recieved with delight. I would love to take my husband and three children up to the mountain meadows and pick shooting stars, crocus’, glacier lilies, bluebells, and yellow bells. I haven’t done this for my mom or gandma (one has since passed) in a long time. I know they would both be touched and surprised. Now I just need God to push the clouds away and let the sun shine!

    ps I just heard you speak on Family Life Today and I really enjoyed it. My husband and I have been talking about inviting friends over for dinner for years now and this last Sat. we finally did! It was lots of fun so now we have a schedule set up to keep it going. I think God is telling us something ;) I look forward to exploring this blog more and getting some good, practical tips. Thank you for your ministry and using your gifts to build others up for the Glory of God!

  130. I would love to spend Mother’s Day with my 4 kids and husband and not have to cook anything! :)

  131. Spending the day with my daughters, which I will have!

    And my mom not calling to lay a huge guilt trip on me because I am not with her – which she unfortunately will.

  132. I haven’t spent time alone with my husband in so long… I’d love a night away, with just him!

  133. I would love to be able to got someplace warm with my kiddos and husband for a day!! Ahh, that would be so nice!

  134. Oh fun! I’d love to stay in bed all day, with a stack of books and lots of visits with kisses from my hubby and children. :)

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  140. Hoping for a breakthrough moment for my toddler. She needs some inner peace!

    I tweeted this!

  141. Having a day off, at home, alone, would make me happy! Eventhough I LOVE being with my kiddos (2,4,6, & 8), having them away from the home for all day while I felt energized to do something fun and crafty or “organize-y” would be a huge happiness builder for me. It is one thing to have some time to myself away from home, but completely another to be able to be home, with no one else around, and have some serious project time! All those things you can’t get in to with little ones running around not enough time to get it all out let alone put it all back before having to make lunch or dinner… You get the idea. :)

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  143. I would love to have a great day of picture taking. I need to get a good one of my little guy!

  144. One thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day is a Mother’s day party, with my mom, my mother in law, my kids and our closest family – just enjoying one another’s company and winning a gift basket wouldn’t hurt either . . .

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  148. finding a great mom-gift craft for my sunday school kids to do next week would make my mother’s day happy :-)

  149. Of course, I would love to be with my mother on the big day, but Skyping will have to do. That Hip Hostess apron is super yum. So feminine. I have tweeted this giveaway, but I am not officially entering — just spreading the joy! I am one of the two lucky winners of the Kristen Welch book. Thank you, Sandy! I have RE on e-book, but I just ordered it in hard cover, too. Cheers!

  150. Wow I am so glad I got to your page today :) I heard you on Family life today for the first time.
    On mothers day what would make me happy would be able to relax and enjoy my husband and my kids laugh play games and just enjoy the simple things. Your goodies would be the cherry on top :) THANKS!

  151. Last year we brought our son home from the NICU the Friday before Mother’s Day. I’m pretty sure nothing can top that for me! I suppose this year the greatest thing is just that we will all be together.

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  153. I would just love to be with my grown and mostly-grown kids and to have an end to the ache that I carry in my heart for one of them . I love being their mom!

  154. I am a first time subscriber to emails :)

  155. Just a fabulous day of joy laughter and happiness.

  156. I just shared this giveaway on my fb page :) THANKS

  157. One thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day is spending the day at the beach with my husband and two little boys!

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  163. All I ask for on Mothers’ Day is that my children don’t fight and I get a day of doing nothing. My answer to everything on Mothers’ Day is: Go ask Daddy.

  164. I shared this giveaway on my fb page.

  165. I would love a day at home with my kids and husband. Or maybe a day at the Mariners game (and that they would win ;) )

  166. Posted on my blog! I heard you on Family Life today for the first time!

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  168. For Mother’s Day, the thing I would like most is only achievable by miracle of God – and that is to be a mother. Outside of the miraculous, I would most like to be content with where God has me, even if that does not include a child of my own.

  169. To be with my husband and 2 boys. I’m so blessed!

  170. Became a new FB follower

  171. To have the family together….kids and husband at the same time. :-)

  172. being a pastor’s wife means my weekends are usually spent at our home church so i would love to have my mom come to my house and my church for mother’s day :)

  173. A plane ticket home to spend the day with my mom- being across the ocean is a long way.

  174. I would like sunshine and no strife.

  175. This year will be a bit different as moms are both out of town. It will be special to spend the day with just the Kiddies…maybe a hike and picnic!

  176. I would love these items!

  177. I would love to spend the day with my hubby and 5 kids and play the wii with them and watch a movie. Just hang out together:)

    • I also posted this on my FB page, am a new follower of this blog, and also am following through FB(like)

  178. One thing that would make me happy is to be surrounded by the family I love, visiting, laughing, eating and simply enjoying each other.

  179. One thing that would make me happy is breakfast in bed, but only if we all snuggled and eat together (than my hubs cleaned up the crumbs!!)

  180. I would love to be able to sit with a cup of coffee and chat for hours with my Mom. We live so far apart that it doesn’t happen very often so that is what would make me so happy!

  181. It will make me happy on Mother’s Day to have all my kids home (one is a college student and will have just arrived home). We’ll go to church where 3 of us will play/sing in the choir, and 1 child will be altar server. I love being together as a family.

  182. It would make me happy to have no meals to cook or kitchen to clean for a day ;-) I LOVE that apron too!

  183. That I would not have to cook or clean up from cooking for the day.

  184. Loved hearing you on FamilyLife today! Can’t wait to purchase your book.

  185. One thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day would be if my husband would handle all the dinner planning and preparations for once! We always have my mother & father, grandmother, brother & sister and their familes over for dinner on Mother’s Day evening. My husband is always a good helper, and always does the dishes, but I’d like to not have to plan anything for once.

  186. I would love a relaxed, joyful day with lots of laughter! This would really make my Mother’s Day too!!

  187. I just subscribed through email!!

  188. I just subscribed through email!

  189. I’m already so happy with what I have — my own mom is healthy and I adore being mom to my 8 and 5 year old. Though, a little less bickering would always be welcome!

  190. Well, I am definitely an old follower….

    My ideal mother’s day. Sunday is my day to sleep in and every Sunday my 5 year old repeatedly comes in and asks when I am ready to get up. So, usually the “sleeping in” doesn’t last long. This Sunday I welcome the, “when are you getting up”, but I would love it to be followed with, “can I snuggle with you until you do?”.

    ;) amy

  191. If I could have one thing for mothers day it would be a new apron! Mine has seen WAY too many meals=)

  192. I’m a brand new RSS follower! Heard about you today on Family Life Today=)

  193. I ‘liked’ you on FB!=)

  194. I reposted your blog link on my FB page!=)

  195. I think both books would be pretty interesting to have for use ~ that apron is beautiful, as well!
    New comer ~ just found your blog by way of a friends’ blog . . . thanks !

  196. I’d love it if my mom had all my siblings together to celebrate with no distractions–no baseball games, or cell phones, or set plans–just time to relax and be together as a family.

  197. My Mother’s Day wish would be that my sweet mama and wonderful sister could be together all day with nothing but time. Time to enjoy each others company. Time to have real conversations. Time to catch up. :)

  198. I heard you today on Family Life today… loved the program… would LOVE to have your book…so “pick me” … waving hands in the air ;)

  199. A baby to love.

  200. I just “liked” you on FB too… I love, love, love those adorable aprons !!!

  201. I would have a picnic with a five of my wonderful kids, a warm sunny day lots of good food made by someone other than me :)

  202. shared on fb

  203. A hug or kiss from my little guy would make the day perfect. I also subscribed to you and liked you page on facebook. : )

  204. A hug and a smile from each of my children is all that would make my day for Mother’s Day. Spending the day with those three little ones and my husband is a gift in itself.

  205. Looking forward to your posts on Facebook.

  206. I would love to be with my mother this year, but I won’t be able to. I will however, be surrounded by my 5 great kids and my wonderful husband that means the world to me. :)

    Thanks for the give away and I hope YOU have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

  207. “liked” you on fb and shared the giveaway on my fb page. Also heard you on Family Life Today this morning (a pleasant surprise as I’d just recently found your blog). My husband would’ve been able to SO relate to what your husband was saying in regards to his fear of entertaining and carrying on a conversation (he also happens to be quiet, a double whammy). Thanks for the encouragement!!

  208. Oh! And what I’d like for Mother’s Day…breakfast in bed would be nice (but unlikely), so time spent in laughter with family & good friends.

  209. My family often rolls their eyes at my passion for plants…. So I have relished it on Mother’s Day when my little ones have used their hard-earned dollars to pick just the right plant for their momma:) And their “You spent how much on that plant?” daddy helps them.

  210. I’ll have everything I want on Mother’s Day…daughter singing in church, both daughers together for dinner. I tried having children for 9 years before we had our first child. 9 uncomfortable and sad Mother’s Days. It’s just a joy being together with both daughters and grandchildren.

  211. One thing that would make me happy for Mother’s Day is to have a maid come in and clean my house for me! A day free of dogs and dog hair with just my husband and daughter would be really nice!

  212. I would like to be free of my “mommy-guilt” for this Mother’s Day!

  213. The best thing would be for my sister-in-law that has rejected our family to come to know Christ and restore herself to our family. That would be a HUGE miracle! I will be counting my blessings this Mother’s Day surrounded by my 6 precious little ones and a loving husband.

  214. I became a fan on FB and signed up for email notification!

    The thing that would make me happiest this Mother’s Day is for my 9 year old son to have just one day where he didn’t have Type 1 Diabetes. It would be wonderful for him to have a whole day that didn’t involve checking his blood sugar and getting shots of insulin all day long. Maybe someday…

  215. Linked on Facebook!

  216. The thing that would make me happiest is probably just having a quiet afternoon and catching up on some reading.

  217. I “liked” RE on Facebook and signed up for your emails!

  218. I shared this on my FB page.

  219. I subscribed!

  220. I subscribed to this blog on my RSS reader.

  221. I now follow RE on FB.

  222. I tweeted about this contest @amygubser.

  223. Hmmm, I think I would most like to be able to walk again, honestly. Sounds selfish, but that’s what I really want.

  224. Count me in!

  225. I would love to be able to prepare my mother’s favorite meal and spend a casual time sharing memories with her and the rest of my family. I would want to leave knowing that I contributed to making her day relaxing and honoring.

  226. If I could choose one thing to have for Mother’s Day it would be to have my two oldest sons join us in our new home in Montgomery, AL. We moved from Texas in January and they decided to stay there. I really really miss them a lot and just want to see them for Mother’s Day. BTW: I love your website and read it every day. Blessings

  227. A clean and organized house most definitely! I guess that’s two things. OK – I’ll take organized over clean!!

  228. I am looking forward to spending time with my family and a new sister-in-law. It will be a day with no conerns about perfection!

  229. My wish would be for Mother’s day that my sister Marilyn could eat a normal meal. She is only 61 and had a massive stroke 3 weeks ago tomorrow and is paralyzed on the left side. She is my hero as she has taken care of her 32 year old developmentally disabled son for 32 years !

  230. I am happy. :) What would make me happier is to wake up to a perfectly organized house with a place for everything – and everything in it’s place. Also if my baby would sleep all night…that might make me happiest!

  231. Since I’m dreaming, I would love a real relationship with my mom. One where she was a mom who cared. I’m grateful I have my MIL for that (she’s great).

  232. I would love to be able to sleep in. But, I have a newborn, so that is not likely!

  233. Date night with my husband!

    • I would be happy on Mother’s Day to have my whole family with me at church. I facebooked this giveaway on my page, liked the RE page on FB, and subscribed to the RSS feed by e-mail. I’ve got my hand raised, so pick me! Pick me!

  234. My husband will be leaving on Mother’s Day to go to Mexico for the week for work. So it will just be the kids and I. We will start the day off with attending church, I then think that I will take the kids out to eat lunch afterwards, then just spend the day loving on them, playing games, and being with them, then that evening I will take my daughter back to church so she can sing for worship team to the 1-4th graders. Grab a pizza on the way home, jump into our jammies and then eat pizza in my bed while we watch tv and fall asleep. I am truly looking forward to it. :)

  235. A full day of warm SUNSHINE and hanging with my favorites…hubby, 2 daughters and my boy! I will also be with my mom and sisters too!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  236. To feel appreciated. That’s not too much to ask is it? :)

  237. Seeing as I am not a mother yet, I know I will be most happy spending the day with my wonderful mother and my two sisters. We will do the best we can to show her how much we love and appreciate her. My one wish is to live a life that makes her proud.

  238. I am so blessed with 3 children and an amazing husband. Spending time with them on Mother’s Day makes me most happy. My biggest, impossible wish, would be to hug my mother who went to be with the Lord 7 years ago and tell her how much I love her.

  239. I posted this give away on FB.

  240. I am a new email subscriber.

  241. I am a new follower of your fb page.

  242. Just being with family.

  243. What a great giveaway. I hope to be looking at houses this weekend!

  244. I am a new subscriber after hearing Sandy on Family Life yesterday. On Mother’s Day I would love to know that my prodigal son has returned to the Lord. Meanwhile, I am grateful and joyful for the blessings of family and look forward to celebrating with them.

  245. One thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day is to see my mother one more time. She passed away a long time ago and I still miss her.

  246. I am an email subscriber

  247. I’d love to have both my children and 5 grandchildren together for the day. My son, lives 16 hrs. away, so very unlikely to happen, but i and dream!

  248. My life is so blessed! I want to spend time with my husband and son.

  249. Being with my kids and my mom and knowing they are all healthy and happy would be the perfect Mother’s Day for me.

  250. I’m content and happy. I’d love some sunshine to make the day complete!

  251. Hi Sandy,

    My post about your giveaway is on my blog today. :)

  252. I will be most happy this Mother’s Day just spending some fun time with my husband and two sons. They are the lights in my life!

  253. What an awesome give-away Sandy!
    I would love to spend the day with my dear family worshipping together, hiking, eating, loving and laughing around the dining table! What could be better!

  254. What a great treat this would be.

    As a mother of 4 special needs children, I would love a day filled with peace.

  255. I’d love to win this fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

    Have a great Mother’s Day yourself!


  256. To know that all of my children weather home with me or not for Mother’s Day are walking a life that is pleasing to God. Although having them home would be nice too : )

  257. Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love a peaceful, quiet day of reading as long as I want!

  258. I would choose that all the mothers in my life would know the Lord and follow Him. Thanks for the giveaway Sandy…may you have a blessed Mothers Day! xoxoxo

  259. Hmmm…maybe a nap after church? My kids are 5 years, 2 years, and 7 months. The baby still doesn’t sleep through the night. I’m one tired momma. ;)

  260. I am getting exactly what I want for Mother’s Day this year…time with both my mom and my beautiful girls. What could be better?

  261. I would LOVE to have my kids and grandkids with me on Mother’s Day…but since
    distance and money will not allow that… I would just hope to hear from my kids!
    Thanks for a great chance at a wonderful give away!

  262. One thing that would make me happy is a break from the rain. It’s been raining almost daily here in Ohio.

  263. I would love to win this package–maybe to split with my mom and myself :)

  264. Those lavender slippers are calling my name–what a sweet Mother’s Day package! I would love to have a new baby for Mother’s Day next year. Prayers, please!

  265. I will be so happy this Mother’s Day because I get to see our new house (my husband picked it out with my only seeing pictures online!) and visit our neighborhood–moving from Texas to Minnesota and I can’t wait!

  266. What a great Mother’s Day package! And I am a mom, six times over! Love your book BTW.

  267. Homemade Mother’s Day cards make me happiest. Last year my kids gave me at least 5 cards each. :)

  268. Wow, super great giveaway!!!!
    Thanks for the chance.

    ladefly@aol dot com

  269. A simple peace filled home would make me happiest of all. I want open windows, laundry fresh off the line and clean dishes, ahhh, I can see it now :)

    PS: Loved hearing you on the radio this morning!
    I also just subscribed to your e-mail feed!

  270. For me, a perfect Mother’s Day would be to wake up to my hubby being patient and not losing his temper trying to rush to church. One peaceful Sunday would be the best gift! : )

  271. One thing that would make me happy on Mother’s Day would be spending the day with my son and husband with no arguing.

  272. I will be happy to just be with all of our family and have a wonderful day of good food and great fellowship! I also so enjoy anything that my 4 sons “home-make” for me as their gift for me on Mother’s day…so much better than anything they could ever buy in a store! Hope to win!

  273. To be able to spend the day with my mom.

  274. If I could spend the day with my mom (she’s terminally ill) and it be pain free for her.

  275. Just the time with my family will be enough :)

  276. I would love to relax on the beach with a good book (after church of course) while my husband entertains the kids for a couple of hours!

  277. I’m going to be happy to be with almost my whole family this Mother’s Day–an unexpected blessing for sure!

  278. For Mother’s Day to be truely special for me……I would LOVE to be surrounded by my family. I know it sounds predictable and doable for most people when their kids are small, but when they are grown and leave the nest it becomes an ever increasing problem. So…I will probably spend the day talking to them on the phone and reminicing about my mom and the wonderful times we had together.

  279. I think just a day with no crabbiness in the house would be wonderful.

  280. Receiving a kiss from my three boys (6, 4 & 2) and my amazing husband. Happily, I know it will happen!

  281. I am a new FB follower. Thanks!

  282. The one thing that would make me happy on mothers day is to hear back from my mom that my dad, brother and maternal grandparents attended church this sunday. My mom, aunt and I are the only born again believers in my entire family. (yes, both sides) All thre of us have been praying for the life changing experience of Christ that my mother and I had 8 years ago to hit hard upon the rest of our family. May they all move closer to God this weekend!!


    p.s. I signed up for the RSS! and I’m a follower on facebook, and I posted it to my facebook page! :)

  283. Just being a mother is such a blessing! Thank you for your site. I am new to it, but I am enjoying it greatly!

  284. A day with my family lounging watching old movies, taking a hike, eating chocolate, playing Chutes and Ladders, a hug from my Mom 2 states away..

  285. Spending the day with my husband and two wonderful kids is all I can ask for for Mother’s Day.

  286. Spending the day with my daughters is what makes me truly happy on Mother’s Day.

  287. I’d love to spend the day with all the women of my family – my mom, sister, and grandmother. Three generations of moms sounds like a fun afternoon.

  288. I would love it if I didn’t hear any complaining, arguing, etc…just lots of love!

  289. It would make me happy to see all the mothers in my life celebrated. Even though I am a mother myself, I tend to forget that on Mother’s day…I just want to celebrate my own wonderful mother!

  290. I like you on Facebook!

  291. I see so many wonderful answers of what would make a perfect mother’s day. Mine is so much more selfish! I’d LOVE a massage for mother’s day! Just to be in a quiet, relaxing spot for an hour or so!

  292. Mother’s Day is such a special time, I would love to spend it surrounded by all my family – my husband, my mother & father, my children and grandchildren – they are the joy of my life. I am so blessed by the family God has given me and the joys we can share together.

  293. What a lovely giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  294. What great gifts! Hope I win!!! ;)

  295. My husband being able to get off work and spending the whole day with him and our little son . . . that would be the perfect mother’s day. :)

  296. I’m a new follower on Fb.

  297. The older my children get the more special it is to have them all home! That is my wish at every occasion, especially on Mother’s Day!

  298. My Mothers Day wish is to have a happy day with no tantrums (I have 2 out of 3 children with autism/adhd and I’m expecting #4!) and possibly, a dinner not made by me :) But mostly, I would love to be able to express to my kids how proud I am of them and honored I am to be THEIR Mom…something hard to express when autism/communication problems get in the way!

  299. One thing that would make me happy is to spend Mother’s Day with my mom and grandmother who live in another state.

  300. A perfect Mother’s Day for me would be for my family to be together. My husband is serving in the military and his squadron is leaving in the morning. I’m left at home with a 4 year old who is terrified every day that he won’t come home from work again. I am learning how to carry this burden for both of us. I would love just for one day to not have that mental countdown of the next time he’s leaving playing in my mind. Maybe we’d work in the garden, eat breakfast for dinner and go collect shells on the beach. We’d be a normal family.. for just one day.

  301. It would make me really happy if my family could spend the day together doing just fun family things – no chores, just fun. I have two teenage daughters and an eight year old daughter with Tourette Syndrome so a bonus would be if all three of my kids would get along and speak nicely to each other and just relax; no tantrums or tears.

  302. This will be my first Mother’s Day and I would love to just have a relaxing day with my sweet 3 1/2 month old, and husband! If there’s ice cream involved, I’ll be even more happy! :)

  303. I just heard you on Family Life today! So glad I found you!! I am inspired in so many ways! :o)

    My mom is in an assisted living home and the thing I would enjoy the most for mother’s day is spending the afternoon with her planting a container of flowers for her room. I really miss her casual chats and visiting on the phone.

    Thanks for your beautiful website and heartfelt ideas.

  304. will spend this mom’s day waiting for my oldest to come home from his first choir tour – 6 days away from my arms!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  305. liked RE on FB :)

  306. I would LOVE a day in my clean home with my family where I was responsible for nothing, but feeding the baby. Sounds like paradise!

  307. I would love to go kayaking in the sound with my family and then come home to a great meal (made by someone else).

  308. My perfect Mother’s Day is to just spend time with my family – all day with no interruptions.

  309. I would love to spend some time with my sons and my husband, and just go out to spend the day together. Usually, everyone is going in separate directions, so it would be nice to enjoy some time with them.

  310. My children would come home, not to me, but to the Lord.

  311. As a new mother, I am feeling very blessed and awed by this amazing journey. What I want for Mother’s Day? Some time to stop and reflect on this adventure, to put together a scrapbook, browse photos from the last few months, and truly admire my gift…. another present is not necessary, because I’ve already been given the greatest gift. But the time to enjoy it and reflect upon it, now THAT would be priceless!

  312. One thing that would make me happy for Mother’s Day would be if all of my children could be home. BUT, one of my daughters is a missionary in Mexico, and that really makes me happy, too, even if she can’t be here. So, maybe I’ll call HER. :-) That would make me happy, too.

    Blessings, and thanks for the giveaway!

  313. What a great give away!
    On Mother’s Day I would love to be able to sleep in, get up and eat breakfast, and then go back to sleep! I haven’t done that since college! =)

  314. One thing that would make me happy is to spend time with my mom. I have lived long distance from my mom for 20 years now and would love to spend a mother’s day with her :-)

  315. My wish for Mother’s Day is to spend the day with my husband, kids, mom and mother in law. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we do as long as we are together!

  316. I’m a blessed Mom of two healthy kids but my wish is for my Mom. I’d like to be able to wave a wand and take away any financial or health worries for her and my Dad. But being the baby of the family, I’m just happy I still have them around. My Mom is now 78 and my Dad is 80. Life is so fleeting and fragile, treasure every moment with those you love and cherish. Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

  317. One thing… this Mother’s Day, I’d love for every child to know the love of a Mommy. 147+ million orphans worldwide need us. I’ll cuddle my 3 precious little ones close and thank God for the blessing of being their Mom, and I’ll pray that Mom’s will arise in great numbers to care for the very least of these!

  318. I would be WITH my Mom. We are separated by four states, and I will not get to be with her physically this year, this first Mother’s Day for her without her own Mother. My Grandma passed away in November and I so wish I could be there to love on my Mom and help ease some of the grief.

  319. Spending time with my daughter! She lived across the country for two years and I’m so glad she is back!

  320. I get to spend this Mother’s Day with both my moms & my kids! SO happy!

  321. My perfect mother’s day is a peaceful day with my family, preferable in sunshine!

  322. Mother’s Day – going to church as as family, hanging out at the beach for the afternoon celebrating a dear friend’s big 40, having fun with family and friends, watching the sun set in the Pacific.

  323. I “liked” RE on Facebook.

  324. I tweeted about this contest!

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