Grilling Season OXO Menu and Grilled Garlic Pepper Tri Tip Recipe

Today I’m sharing a delicious Grilled Garlic Pepper Tri Tip recipe, easy to prepare, grill, and serve at a casual or Memorial Day dinner party! This post is sponsored by OXO.

Grilled Garlic Pepper Tri Tip

Warm weather and grilling season have arrived and we couldn’t be happier! Outdoor entertaining is all about the food, but quite honestly, it begins with good friends.

One thing I’ve learned is that the invitation list is key to good conversation and a really fun time! Change up the guest list and invite friends who you want to spend time with, ones you want to reconnect with, possibly who you have not seen in a long time!

Grilled Garlic Pepper Tri Tip

Set a simple table with blue Ball canning jars for water glasses, simple wine glasses, and summer-fresh cloth napkins.

I used white Dollar Store plates and aluminum chargers (that I’ve had for years, from a yard sale), with World Market striped cloth napkins and yellow trim.

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