Serve a Breakfast Board (with these Brunch Board Ideas) for your next gathering, with oats, pancakes, waffles, eggs, and more!

brunch board ideas (recipes)

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Friends, we love a “build your own” breakfast bar—served on a board. Today we’re sharing a roundup of our favorite easy brunch ideas. You can serve them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Why we love Brunch Board Ideas

  • They’re casual and fun, and great breakfast ideas for guests.
  • Everyone serves themselves.
  • You can use what you have.
  • Make one dish the “star” (as in waffles, pancakes, a breakfast bread).
  • Anything can go on a board – and it’s neat and tidy!

build a pancake board for breakfast

Ideas how to build a brunch board?

Use foods that your family eats often for breakfast, brunch or dinner. Then think about all the toppings that you can put into small bowls (or right on the board)–so make your own masterpiece.

Build a board small to feed a few, or EPIC to feed a crowd. The beauty is that you can use whatever you want, and it’s sure to be enjoyed by all!

Let’s get started with our favorite roundup of boards. Grab the link at the bottom for our boards to buy (9 sizes and colors) and ENJOY!

round bowl of scrambled eggs with wood spoon

Healthy Breakfast Board

Perfect creamy, scrambled eggs with bacon and chives on a inspiring Scrambled Eggs Brunch Board with pastries and English muffins!

breakfast board with french toast cups and sliders

Brioche Brunch Board

For winter hosting, serve a Holiday Brioche Brunch Board with Cranberry French Toast Cups and Monte Cristo Breakfast Sliders!

rectangle best brunch board

Best Brunch Board (with bagels and quiche)

For a weekend or holiday breakfast, enjoy a Best Brunch Board with creamy dips, bagels, meats, and fruits. Add mini quiches for a full meal.

braid made with eggs and ham and crescent rolls

Breakfast Braid Brunch Board

Enjoy this easy Breakfast Braid Brunch Board, with scrambled eggs, ham and cheese, and fresh fruit with tasty sweets (Lindt chocolates).

Epic Waffle Board

Epic Summer Waffle Brunch Board, perfect for a weekend breakfast. Building a brunch board is easy, with waffles, fruit, eggs, scones, and meat!

breakfast sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich Biscuit Board

This Breakfast Sandwich Biscuit Board is served with homemade biscuits for a make-your-own-sandwich, with meats, eggs, cheese, and fig spread.

Brioche Breakfast Butter Board with 2 butters

Brioche Breakfast Butter Board

For the butter board trend–this Brioche Breakfast Butter Board is made with St. Pierre’s waffles, bread (toast) slices, and two sweet (maple and flake salt) and savory (pancetta and chives) flavored butter recipes.

a Egg Frittata Sandwich Board

Egg Frittata Sandwich Board

For a fun weekend breakfast, or a picnic brunch, serve an Egg Frittata Sandwich Board. Add English muffins, cheese, meat, and fruit.

Baked Oatmeal on Breakfast Board

Baked Oatmeal Breakfast Board

Serve a Baked Oatmeal Breakfast Board for Mother’s Day or any brunch, with flavors of coconut, honey, pecans, raisins, and blueberries.

looking down on a round tray with an oatmeal breakfast (pot of oatmeal and toppings)

Oatmeal Lovers Breakfast Board

Take an ordinary “oatmeal bar” and turn into a beautiful breakfast or brunch spread with a pot of oats: An Oatmeal Lovers Breakfast Board.

blueberry cake in the center of a fruit board

Buttermilk Blueberry Cake Board

Looking for a moist morning cake? Add this Buttermilk Blueberry Cake Board to your morning-treat repertoire, and serve it on The Big Board.

beautiful breakfast spread on a round board with brioche french toast

Trader Joe’s Brioche French Toast Board

For Fall, serve a Trader Joe’s Brioche French Toast Board, a traditional French toast breakfast, with bacon and pumpkin sweet treats!

french toast on a BIG BOARD

Fall French Toast Breakfast Board

For fall hosting, serve a Fall French Toast Breakfast Board. Make French toast; assemble bites of fall–fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, jellies, and syrup!

Deviled Egg Crossant Charcuterie Board

For brunch, enjoy a Deviled Egg Croissant Charcuterie Board with eggs, salami, and cheese to make delicious croissant sandwiches!

round Holiday Eggnog Coffee Breakfast Board with pancakes

Eggnog Coffee Breakfast Board

Everyone loves a Eggnog Coffee Breakfast Board with indulgent flavors of eggnog, coffee, whipped cream, fruit, and Pigs in a Blanket.

woman holding a rectangle pancake board

Build a Pancake Board

This easy and delicious “build a pancake board” has all the toppings, and tips for breakfast, brunch, and breakfast for dinner!

an epic mini pancake board

Epic Silver Dollar Pancake Board

Our super popular PANCAKE BOARD! Buy all ingredients for this Epic Silver Dollar Pancake Board at Trader Joe’s. Delicious way to host for breakfast, brunch, birthday parties, and holidays!

Morning cofee cakes

We love a good morning cake or coffee cake. Here are a few of our favorite recipes to try!

Chocolate Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Roll Pecan Cake

Blueberry Morning Yogurt Cake

Overnight Coffee Cake

Raspberry Yogurt Cake

There’s so much inspiration from this roundup of creative ways to serve Breakfast Boards for your next family or friend gathering!

Happy hosting!

making a Breakfast Sandwich

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