How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board (video!)

 What is a charcuterie board? This Epic Charcuterie Board is filled with cured meats, cheeses, veggies, nuts, olives, dried fruits, crackers, and more! Watch the VIDEO below!

How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board

Friends, everyone asks, what is a charcutier board? Whether for dinner for the family, or an appetizer for a party, we are all about “charcuteries” here on RE! 

For the BIG BOARD … read below.

What is typically on a charcuterie plate?

Watch the video below on how to assemble this delicious treat for your guests, and to see what is typically on a charcuterie plate. Essentially, charcuterie means cured meats (or the process of curing). 

How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board

What goes on a Charcuterie Board?

But first, we hosted several parties over the holidays, and today I’m showing you How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board! (A smaller version, visit my Meat, Cheese and Olive Charcuterie Board recipe.)

These foods typically go on a charcuterie board:

  • Cured meats
  • Cheese
  • Olives
  • Nuts
  • Dried Fruit
  • Crackers or baguette bread
  • Jelly or jam

How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board - ingredients

If you’re not familiar with DeLallo, check out all the delicious foods you can order online, or find in your local grocery store.

These dipping sauces were a big hit!

How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board

Take a giant board (if not food-friendly, layer with parchment paper:) You can also season your board with mineral oil and beeswax, if not food-safe. Research this yourself and decide what method is best for you.

24-inch Charcuterie Board

Friends, here is the board that I LOVE. It’s 24-inches in diameter with a 2-inch lip. A “lip” is the secret to the best charcuterie or dinner board, because the food does not fall off.

You can buy in 2 sizes.

Here are the LINKS:

LARGE Hand-Carved Gabrielle Tray – 24 inches round. Buy >> HERE (affiliate link)

SMALL Hand-Carved Gabrielle Tray – 18-inches round. Buy >> HERE (affiliate link)

Rememember it says it is “not food safe,” so you need to prepare the board by either laying down parchment paper under the food, or you can “season” it like we did.

Here are a few other options:

Courtland Wooden Lazy Susan – 18-inch round. Buy >> HERE (affiliate link)

LAZY SUSAN is a board that spins. It does NOT have a lip, but it’s cool for the center of the table.

Here’s an 18-inch wine barrel wood board or a 24-inch hammered large round tray or a 26-inch stainless steel serving platter that you may also like! Check out the weight on these boards.

How to season a Charcuterie Board

If a wood board says it “not food safe,” you can lightly sand it down with sand paper, and rub down with beeswax and mineral oil.

We used this butcher block and cutting board oil conditioner after we lightly sanded the board down.

Or, lay down parchment paper! Easy peasy!

Epic Charcuterie Board ingredients

How to arrange a charcuterie board

Set on it with 3-4 small bowls of olive oil; add the dipping spices!

Fill in the spaces with meats, cheeses, vegetables, crackers, figs, olives, and nuts.

Don’t forget the diffent flavors of bruschetta.

Baguette slices and crostini crackers!

How to Make the BEST Epic Charcuterie Board

Christmas was magical for our family. First of all, the best gift is being together.

The next best gift is making new memories. And sometimes throwing in a tradition or two.

One thing we did the week of Christmas was take the kids to see the movie, Wonder. It’s a must-see movie for everyone, all ages!

We went to church and loved the message that our Pastor Pete gave. I took away this beautiful quote from CK Chesterton:

“Christmas is built upon a beautiful and intentional paradox; that the birth of the homeless should be celebrated in every home.” ― G.K. Chesterton

How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board

Then after much delicious foods and movies and naps …

Laughter, gifts, and family walks.

We enjoyed the quiet and beauty of snow, ending with a gorgeous sunset.

How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board

For New Year’s, this Epic Charcuterie Board will mean you are making the best appetizer for your guests or party this year!


EASY Epic Charcuterie Board

How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board
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How to Make an Epic Charcuterie Board

Prep Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Appetizer
Keyword: charcuterie, charcuterie board, cheese board
Servings: 12


  • 1 jar Italian Olive Bruschetta
  • 1 jar Italian Roasted Pepper Bruschett
  • 1 jar Italian Garden Vegetable Bruschetta
  • Red Wine Salami sliced
  • Black Pepper Dry Cured Sausage sliced
  • Italian Herb Dry Cured Sausage sliced
  • Sweet Casalingo Dry Cured Sausage sliced
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Soft cheese
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dipping
  • Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Seasoning Spices
  • Garlic Pepper & Tomato Seasoning Spices
  • Crostini Original (bread or crackers)
  • Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Seasoning Spices
  • Rosemary & Garlic Seasoning Spices
  • Baguette Bread
  • Veggies and miscellaneous crackers
  • Figs sliced
  • Almonds
  • Olives


  • Prepare board with parchment paper if not food safe. You can also use beeswax and mineral oil to season the board.
  • Slice meats, and place on the board with cheeses.
  • Wash and dry fruits and vegetables; thinly slice.
  • Place small bowls on your board and fill with olives, nuts and bruschetta (or any other favorite dips).
  • Lay down 3-4 flatter small dishes and fill with olive oil; sprinkle with DeLallo Foods dipping spices.
  • Place meats, cheeses, sliced baguette and crackers around the board.
  • Lay fruits and vegetables around the board.
  • Fill in blank spots with salami pieces folded in quarters.


DeLallo Foods sent me this gift as a holiday thank you, but as always, all opinions are my own.

Want to buy a LARGE charcuterie board? I found this Pine Extra Large Charcuterie Board on Amazon.

More recipes: Kid Friendly Charcuterie [Love from the Oven], Seafood Entertaining Charcuterie [RE], Tortellini Sausge Skewer Appetizer [RE], Single Serve Charcuterie [Tried and Tasty].

BEST Epic Charcuterie Board (Cheese Board)

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  1. This is such an amazing combo!! Would love to try it!

  2. This looks BEAUTIFUL! Charcuterie Boards are one of my favorite appetizers! So easy and always a big hit!

  3. Oh my gosh what great tips! This looks amazing!!!

  4. I LOVE charcuterie boards — they’re the perfect appetizer for any gathering. And I’m dying over that board. Hope I stumble across one some day!

  5. Wow! This board is epic indeed! I make a lot of cheese boards year round. I’m going to use some of your suggestions and add a bit of meat on my next one. Thanks for the pretty inspiration!

  6. I just got 3 of those gorgeous boards last week! So excited to use it. One is for my daughter and one for my daughter in law…..also we are thinking of epoxying them to protect the boards.

  7. How many people does this size of board usually serve?? Going out of town this upcoming weekend and considering using this sane board 

  8. Thank you Sandy, I was thinking about lightly sanding it down.  Did you sand your board down?  I’m assuming your board didn’t absorb the mineral oil and bees wax being we have the exact same board.  I don’t want to make anyone ill and can’t find anything on line about the finish that is not food safe and how to correct that.  

  9. Sandy , you’re just the girl I need to chat with.  I purchased the 28 inch courtland brown board like yours on line from pier one.  In your video it states you can make it food safe by using the mineral oil and wax, so that was my intention.  I applied the mineral oil but it doesn’t seem to be absorbing the oil – I will let it sit for 24 hours and wipe down and apply the wax.  Did this happen to you when you seasoned it?  I realize I could use parchment paper, but am really hoping to be able to season the board because it’s so pretty.  I would appreciate any direction/tips  you could give me.  

    • You can sand it down with a light sand paper, then add the bees wax and mineral oil :) Or, as you mentioned, use the parchment. :)

  10. I found your board at my Pier One! Can’t wait to make this for a party next week. Have you made one ahead to take to a party? Just leave out adding the oils until you arrive and cover with press and seal? I hope they have a table large enough to set it on, maybe I should bring my own table!

  11. I was thrilled to be able to buy one of those beautiful platters yesterday!! I was wondering about how you season the wood with mineral oil AND beeswax. I already use foodgrade mineral oil for my wooden cutting boards but don’t know about beeswax. Which kind and how do you use it?
    I cannot wait to put this platter to good use this summer! I realize it is QUITE expensive to fill it so beautifully!
    Thank you so much for your video!

    • Yes, it’s quite spendy and usually for a larger party :) You can google how to season the board. You may want to lightly sand it down first, then add the oil and wax :)

  12. Gorgeous board!  I would love to make this for my son’s birthday party.  Can you do a step by step video (slower version) for people who are not so creative and experienced at putting together a Charcuterie Board.😊

  13. And why does i have to be a board? I have been making these Antipasti for years using an aluminum tray or a large serving tray.

  14. Exactly how do you season a board…I’ve never done that.

    • We just rubbed it down with a cloth. You can google it. If it doesn’t seem like something you want to do, just keep using parchment paper! YAY – ENJOY!

  15. How much would a board like this cost, with all the food?

  16. I found the board at Pier1 but it states it’s not food safe. How are you able to put food directly on yours? Thanks!

  17. Thank you for your response.  I love all your suggestions for the charcuterie board. I had a small gathering last week and used your ideas for a smaller version. Everyone loved it. The best part was sitting around outside and no one having to go back inside to get more food as it was right there in front of us. I can’t wait to try out my new board next month with 10 guests. You’re the best! T

  18. It seems you would have to have plates for everyone to put their food on so people couldnt double dip! How do you eat the dipping sauces without people dipping ? Such a large board so there would have to be a good amount of people!

    • Yes, you can set out small plates. Look back at some of my other charcuteries, there are often small plates. Yes, this is for a lot of people! Most people know to not double dip … :) ENJOY!

  19. Do you know the brand of your board? I can’t find it anywhere I would LOVE this for family gathering. 

  20. Hello, I was able to purchase the board from Pier 1 to use for my charcuterie board. I notice in your photos sometimes you have parchment paper and other times not. Did you use beeswax and mineral oil on your Pier 1 platter?

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  22. I loved your board… I have been looking every where for a board that size…

  23. What is the name of the broad ? I’m looking for it on pier one , cant find it thank you

  24. How big is your board? I’ve been checking online and haven’t found anything as big or as beautiful as yours!

  25. Where did you get your big beautiful board??

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